Goal! Goal! Goal!

We talk about setting and achieving goals in coaching, and what more stunning an example of achieving your goals than that of the US Women's Soccer Team. It was terrific to see so much global media coverage of the event and in particular the focus on celebrating the players for being at the top of their games.

Soccer (or "football" to the Brits) is a great team sport, but it's also a sport in which we celebrate Leadership from our Captains and in which we celebrate the type of excellence demonstrated by Carli Lloyd with her  hat trick in the final against Japan.

“I visualized playing in the World Cup final and visualized scoring four goals,” said Lloyd

As a Brit living in the US I followed Team GB and Team USA through the tournament and felt a renewed sense of the importance of not only the Goal you set, but of the importance of passion, commitment, confidence, hunger in the pursuit of excellence. And then celebrating when you get there - in Lloyd's case nearly making it to four goals was more than good enough!