Women in Technology & Finance

A huge thank you to Alina Lloyd and the Women in Technology & Finance Community for the opportunity to explore with them "Who You Are As Leaders (Not Just What You Do)"

Being "Authentic" as Leader - what could be easier than being yourself?! But for many - for many different reasons - understanding and then expressing their "authentic" leadership style can feel like a mountain to climb - or something which always falls off the "to do" (and the "to be") list. And yet increasingly we see investors, employers and teams are searching for authenticity in their leaders.

We explored getting comfortable with your strengths and your values to answer:

·         What does it really mean for you to be “authentic”? 

·         How can your weaknesses become your greatest leadership strengths?

·         Why would others follow where you lead?

Whether you are currently in a leadership position or are looking towards leadership opportunities, this was an invitation to think about yourself as a Leader - not as a role you put on, but as part of who you are.