Founders to Leaders

Founders deal with rapidly changing environments - product evolution, scaling the business, new investors, new teams... There is a constant need to balance: vision & focus, strategy & execution, creativity & process, accountability & delegation. Founders and their executive teams are continually re-defining their roles as Leaders - and often what it is they are leading.

When I first started working with entrepreneurs it was as a consultant, providing independent strategic advice or implementation capability for key business issues. However I realized that my greatest impact, was not in taking problems off their hands, but rather sharing and generating new perspectives on the business.  I blend independent strategy & execution advice with executive coaching which results in open discussion about the business and your role in growing it.

Partnering with entrepreneurs, and if invited, the Board, we work to deliver your vision for the business; sustaining your passion, evolving you and your business. Beyond coaching, I use my experience, resources and tools to help with Strategy, Sales, Operations, Technology and Corporate Communications.

Past engagements with Founders or early stage CEO’s & Executive Teams have included:

  • Individual coaching: supporting Founders in periods of transition or challenge
  • Advising on execution: managing operations, teams & goal-setting
  • Building teams: hiring talent and helping first time CEO’s hire, manage & lead
  • Manage stakeholders: communicating good and bad news well
  • Partnership strategy: design, engage and successful implementation
  • Accelerating change: product development and scaling development teams & processes