Female Founders: Coach Match Survey


Female Founders at all stages benefit from an opportunity to think about their growth as a Founder as well as specific business challenges or opportunities, to participate in a Coaching discussion focused on them and their needs, not just to listen to advice grounded in the experiences of others.

Through Coaching, Women have gained clarity, confidence and made a huge impact in connecting to their teams, investors and clients: raising money, accelerating product development, generating first or bigger sales, growing & leading teams.

So whilst those who are profitable or funded choose to invest in coaching I believe there should be more support for Women at earlier stages.  My offer, for those who want it, is to make coaching accessible by connecting you with newly trained professional coaches who want more experience and who are willing to offer discounted rates.

How it works

I'll provide an introduction to potential Founder / Coach matches.  Coaches are trained by one of the industry leading Coaching Institutes whose programs are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). They have completed the core training and are looking for opportunities to reach more clients and practice regularly. Coaches can be drawn from global locations so coaching will be primarily remote via call or Skype, please specify which language you would prefer.  All coaches would offer a free "sample session" to ensure a mutual fit - I would recommend speaking to at least 2-3 coaches before making a final decision. Coaching will not be free but will be heavily discounted from industry standard rates ($200+ per hour). There is no time for my time & support in matching - this is my small contribution to investing in driving up the number of successful Female Founders!

Would you be interested? Do you have a story to share about your experience of coaching? If so please complete the survey below.

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Rates are per 60 mins coaching session. Please indicate the rate you are interested in below. Note more experienced coaches are likely to offer fewer discounted sessions.