Helping Leaders Lead

Focus on your impact as a Leader, whatever your current title.  Identify and execute on the right changes for you and your business. 

My name is Kate Dutton, founder of Ayala Advisors.

I understand the opportunities and challenges in leading organisations. As an executive and a founder, I've worked with corporates and start ups in the UK, US & Asia.  I help leaders set goals for themselves and their businesses and then break through them. 

You want to inspire others to do great things, you want to grow your career or your business, you want work to feel less like work. Here are some of the ways I help:

  • Inspiration - set goals, get passionate, motivate others

  • Skills - build leadership capabilities and the confidence to use them

  • Impact- find the right change(s), delivered in the right way, at the right pace for you, your team & your business 

  • Success - navigate challenges & opportunities faster or more easily (promotion, new role, raising investment, building a team, returning from leave)

  • Support - a independent 'thought partner' to help you set a direction and move forward, with focus, experience, tools & techniques to support you

Ayala Advisors provides independent advice for Leaders: coaching, mentoring, strategic planning or execution support. 

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