Managers to Leaders

Whether you have the title, "Leader", or not - I help my clients feel and act like Leaders. 

Working with individuals or in groups, my goal is to inspire, grow and support my clients, so they can make the big changes which impact their careers, their teams and their organisation as a whole.  Together we determine what success will look like and then focus on achieving it.

Clients gain a better sense of themselves and where they are going, build their leadership skills and the confidence to use them. Organisations willing to invest in developing their leaders have happier, more motivated and skilled talent.

Past engagements have included:

  • Individual Coaching: developing distinctive and authentic leadership style, improving performance, building leadership pipeline
  • Group Coaching: building leadership and/or execution capabilities e.g. negotiation, impact, assertiveness, taking risks, building personal brand, leveraging mentors & sponsors
  • Designing & Delivering "Women's" Initiatives: customizing and delivering initiatives specifically to address the advancement of women leaders. Blending individual and group coaching as required to impact women's engagement and performance e.g. support for promotion candidates, those new in role or returning from extended leave