Managers to Leaders

I understand the challenges and opportunities for Women in navigating their careers, whether they have the title, "Leader", or not - I help Women feel like they are Leaders. 

As a Consultant focused on the typically male dominated industries of Financial Services & Technology, I saw Women battling the same challenges in Sales, Operations, Technology and HR. Women who had been promoted rapidly to Management level on the basis of great performance - on what they could "do" - were struggling with their next step. Whether it was seeing themselves at the next level, navigating the process to get there, or feeling like a fraud who shouldn;'t be there.

Working with individuals or in groups, my goal is to inspire, grow and support Women, making an impact for them, for their teams and for the organisation as a whole By working in partnership with the individuals and with the organisation, we determine what success will look like and then focus on effecting the right changes to achieve it.

Clients gain a better sense of themselves and where they are going, build their leadership skills and the confidence to use them. The organisation is not only at the forefront of engaging and developing their Female Talent, but reap the financial and cultural benefits research (and my experience) has proven are associated with an Inclusive Leadership team.

Past engagements have included:

  • Individual Coaching: inspiring the desire to Lead, reducing attrition, improving performance, building Leadership pipeline at any level
  • Group Coaching: building leadership and/or execution capabilities and the confidence to use them (negotiation, impact, assertiveness, taking risks, building personal brand, leveraging mentors & sponsors)
  • Designing & Delivering "Women's" Initiatives: customizing and delivering initiatives for women, blending individual and group coaching as required to impact women's engagement and performance. E.g. high potential promotion candidates navigate the process, support for those new in role or returning from extended leave