Helping Women Work & Lead

Know who you are, or who you want to be, so you can decide what to aim for. Get comfortable, so you can feel bold and challenged - not overwhelmed. Know your impact as a Leader, whatever your current title.  See yourself, so you can see the right changes for you and your business. 

My name is Kate Dutton, founder of Ayala Advisors.

I understand the opportunities and challenges in Leading teams and organisations. I've walked in some fabulous shoes, from Corporate Executive to Founder, across London, New York and San Francisco, from work to home and back to work.  I help women who want to work and to become the leaders they want to be. 

You want to shape your leadership skills, your career and your business fast, to inspire others to do great things they never thought possible. You may already be successful, or you may be starting on the journey, but it could feel less daunting or like hard work. You don't need help in your career, but you do want it.  Here are some of the ways I help:

  • Self Belief - believe in yourself and your impact on others, be comfortable & be bold

  • Inspiration - remembering why you want to do this, finding your passion & purpose, motivating others

  • Skills - giving you the capabilities you need to be an inspirational leader, and the confidence to use them

  • Impact- finding the right change(s), delivered in the right way, at the right pace for you, your team & your business 

  • Success - navigating challenges & opportunities so they happen faster or more easily: promotion, new role, raising investment, building a team, returning from leave

  • Support - Someone who's there for you, an independent 'thought partner' to help you move forward, to challenge and to help you find clarity. An offer of time & focus, experience, tools & techniques.

Ayala Advisors provides independent advice for Leaders, who happen to be women. Our blend of Executive Advice - Coaching, Mentoring, Strategic Advice & Execution Support is focused on Women - not because they need more help, but because organisations need more Women Leaders. 

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