My Journey: Women & Leadership

When I started my career I couldn't understand why as a Woman I might need any "extra" help. I could do anything I put my mind to, and I wanted to drive changes in organisations to impact people - for clients or customers to have a wonderful experience of new products or services, and to make life easier for those delivering the products or services. I had a great career as a Consultant doing exactly this.

My ability to "do" and to help others "do" defined who I was to such an extent that when I sat down with the my soon to be husband to write our wedding vows, I poured out my feelings and my hopes for our marriage, but there was no doubt on reading them aloud, what I had actually written was "Stop, Start, Continue" Feedback for our lives together! 

As I moved between leadership in enterprise and the start up world, between Consulting and Coaching, between the UK and the US, between time at home with children and being in the workplace, I discovered my greatest challenge was not "What do I do" or even "How do I" continue to make a positive impact on those around me, but "Who do I want to be" whilst making this happen? 

My journey to lead Change, had become a marathon - during which I always seemed to be sprinting and worrying about real or potential obstacles.  When I started to look around me, I saw other Women also running incredibly fast. They were highly motivated and talented, they didn't need anyone to run for them, or to lift them over obstacles, but I saw how I could help make their progress easier, faster and even more fun!  Whether it was discussing which direction to take, navigating around obstacles, figuring out when and how to try new techniques, encouraging or challenging, speeding up or slowing down - in working with Women Leaders I make an impact.

The inspiration for "Ayala Advisors" came from my first kayaking trip circumnavigating Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay - I had a deep appreciation at the time for the safe space in Ayala Cove, for the opportunity to pause, appreciate how far I had traveled, look back at how far I had come, to look around and watch the Pelicans and to find the energy for the next stage of my trip. It is this feeling of safety, space for thinking and feeling, and invitation to consider what is possible which I offer my clients. 

About Kate: Principle

An experienced Executive, Kate delivers transformation for individuals and organizations.  

Prior to founding Ayala Advisors, Kate spent 12 years in management consultancy with Accenture & Slalom Consulting. Her work focused on Strategy, Organization and Delivery for multi-national clients.  Kate advised on and led strategic business and IT initiatives for Financial Services organizations including UBS, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. She continues to advise on issues of relevance to Leaders in multi-national clients.

Working independently Kate expanded her practice to bring execution experience to early stage businesses. She advises entrepreneurs moving from ideation to funding, through scaling teams and revenue, designing and implementing new Partner Strategies and Operating Models.

Kate blends coaching and her business acumen to support her clients in finding the right change, delivering change in the right way, to ensure sustainable growth for Leaders and their organisations.  

Kate is certified as a Professional Co-Active Coach® by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI®) and as a Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF).



Kate is British and now based in San Francisco. She loves exploring her new home with her husband and two children, whether by hiking, biking or out on the water.